Sad at Sea

wear your tears on your sleeves

even our site is sad... we'll pretty things up once we dry our eyes and get our act together



S.S. CRYTANIC II: Emos of the Caribbean. The saga continues February, 2024. 

Brave Toaster's Bath Time

Nothing makes bath time more fun than the brave lil toaster joining! Can you tell me how to get Sad At Sea? 

Burn out, Not Fade Away

Just because you're floating on an ocean of tears, doesn't mean you're fated to a life of safety and mediocrity. BURN OUT, NOT FADE AWAY 

Sea of Tears

Ship just sink? Losing all hope? We can relate! Grab this design and never let go. And as always, stay sad 

Read Books, Be Kind, Stay Sad

This is the perfect attire for all occasions; whether you're sad at book club, spending a night out on the town teary-eyed, or curled up shedding some tears in your reading nest.

Emos of the Caribbean

Sad at Sea II: Emos of the Caribbean 

Emo Kidz

Its never too early to start your emo phase.... we just lucked out and caught the exact moment this little one's started. Stay sad, little one <3